We are three young Viennese who are using the weeks in quarantine to fight against the exact virus responsible for our situation. Fortunately, we have a lot of time right now, a little bit of idealism, brainpower and a 3D Printer.

Maximilian Mali

Constructor and inventor

Max is inventor of the initial idea and the mastermind behind this project. He spent various nights constructing a model and fighting with the 3D printer. When he is not occupied with OpenFaceMask, he still won’t stop; in real life he enjoys working as a researcher and developer.

Melanie Frauendienst

Content creation

Melanie always knows how to write stuff, so she did the text work to tell the world about Open Face Mask. However, if you find any spelling mistakes or strange wording, then it was probably written by Max.
She is a biologist and also a more “into the woods” person, she has a big heart when it comes to help people in need. If something were to start growing on your face which resembles a plant – she might know what it is.

Enya Eichenseder


Aspiring engineer. Always happy to help!