No mask can guarantee 100% safety and professional medical masks will always be the best and safest option.

However, in times of material shortages we want to provide an alternative to whoever may need it.

Please keep following your local guidelines of disease prevention measures like washing your hands and keeping social distance.

This strongly depends on the used filter fabric and your hygienic needs.

If your wear OpenFaceMask continuously over the course of many hours, moisture may build up on the inside.  The safety of masks will decrease when the texture gets wet and viruses will pass more easily.

Additionally, a moist mask will not only discomfort the wearer, but is also a welcoming biome for mould and microbes.


*Depends on your facial proportions and the size of your glasses.

OpenFaceMask is a design which is still developing and improving over time, if you notice any discomfort, please point us into the right direction!

We recommend to shave beforehand. A beard could minimise its efficiency because the mask won’t perfectly fit your face.

Please keep in mind to wash your hands thoroughly before and after putting on OpenFaceMask.


PLA of the holding frame starts to soften at around 60°C – this is by far not sufficient enough for sterilization!

Please do not share an already worn mask with anyone else!

Please also do not give your manufactured masks to other people, as you might have already contaminated the mask.

Please do share our webpage!

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