You want to contribute? Let us know!

  • Do you have an idea on how to improve our mask?
  • Do you have an idea on how to modify the model so even people without a 3D printer can construct it?
  • Did you notice any problems we may have overlooked?
  • Do you want to produce masks for other people?
  • Can you help translate this project into your local language?
  • Have you found one of the many spelling mistakes on our website?
  • Tell us about your skills

    What are your interests? What do you want to share? We are curious to know!

  • Tell us how much time you would like to invest

    You don´t have to send us a three month timetable. Just let us know how many hours a week you would like to spend with us.

  • Tell us about your available tools

    Maybe you have a different 3D printer brand than we have. You could adapt our model to your printer so people could use the perfect design for their printer at home.

  • Tell us where you live

    Our goal is to connect people worldwide because we want to be one big community, sharing knowledge and fighting against COVID19 together.

  • Tell us if you want to print

    You don’t want to design new masks, but you would like to print some masks for somebody else? Maybe we can connect you with someone who may need it!

We are happy to welcome you in our project!